ILS Community Care

Independent Living Specialist’s (ILS) prides itself on providing quality assistive equipment and technology to clients to achieve quality of life and remain independent in their chosen environments.

We have six divisions including homecare, pressure care, rehab and specialised seating, ILS kids, oxygen solutions and baby care.

ILS is an accredited equipment provider under government funding schemes including State health (ENABLE), DVA, Insurance funding and NDIS.

If you have any questions about access to equipment to suit your individual needs, please contact our head office 1300 008 267.

Our Services

Occupational Therapy (OT) Support

ILS employs OT’s to provide clinical support and assist with recommendations on the prescription of assistive technology. Our OT’s are available for clinical advice, equipment trials both directly with the client, and their prescribing therapists.

Clinical Education and Training

ILS values ongoing clinical education and training for clinical staff and prescribing therapists. ILS maintains a clinical education program across a number of clinical topic areas and supports industry events throughout each calendar year. To see our upcoming events, please follow the below link

Display showroom facilities

ILS has showroom locations available for viewing and trial of equipment.

Hire and Sale

ILS appreciates that our clients have varying personal circumstances which can directly impact their ability to access assistive technology. We have a variety of models available to access our equipment including hiring and purchase (include link to hire brochure).

Delivery, Installation and Training

Our team of medical installers are trained to deliver equipment into the home, residential care and acute care environments and will provide operational and functional training to those key care givers in the use of equipment.

Free of charge trials

Free of trails are available in our showrooms locations, or in the home and/or care settings to ensure the client is guided through  equipment selection and prescription process.